Improving Quality of Life through Laughter, Structure and Teamwork

Our Mission

Riverview Home Corporation Volunteer Services strives to support and improve the quality  of life of residents and foster partnerships within the community.

Our Philosophy

Riverview Home Corporation believes Volunteers can create experiences and opportunities for residents as well as staff.  We believe that volunteers are an essential and meaningful part of our core team.


Volunteers provide a unique contribution to Riverview as well as providing extra support, activities and services to  residents and staff.  Volunteers assist with recreation and leisure events, skill building and  vocational programs. 

Goals & Objectives

  • To assess the needs of residents and staff and enhance services that improve quality of life.  
  • To develop and implement volunteer programs to address identified needs. 
  • To recruit, screen, and orientate appropriate volunteers.
  • To support and evaluate the volunteer program.      
  • To recognize the value of volunteer contributions and show appreciation for the volunteers