Vision Statement
Residents of Riverview Home will be able to live with the same rights and quality of life  shared by all Nova Scotians, which includes equal opportunities for recreation and social  activities with a safe and modern residence. (under revision)
Mission Statement
The Riverview Volunteer Association will work towards the stated vision through the  activities of fundraising, recruitment and retention of volunteers, targeted public relations  activities and advocacy for the residents and staff.
  • To indentify best practices in the field of Adult Residential Care (ARC) and make suggestions for improvement where relevant.
  • To study present social services issues related to ARC and to discuss solutions that may be applied to Riverview Home Corporation.
  • To suggest, in light of the specific requirements of  clients, those changes which would lead to an improved lifestyle with the home.
  • To establish contact with other agencies that have a similar mandate.
Volunteer Subcommittee
  • To provide a sufficiently large number of volunteers to add appreciably to the quality of life of residents
  • To work with the administration of the ARC to ensure that volunteers are working to fulfill the needs of the residents
  • To recruit new volunteers
  • To retain present and future volunteers
  • To work with volunteers to ensure that they are appropriately assigned, trained and supervised
Public Relations Subcommittee
  • To set in progress a public relations program designed to change the present, less than attractive image, to one which reflects present day reality.
  • To coordinate with Riverview Home Corporation to ensure that PR activities maximize opportunities to send messages that support each other
Fundraising Subcommittee
  • To develop and coordinate strategies and campaigns to raise money from individuals and businesses in the community
  • To continue the development and implementation of the Pennies for Progress campaign

Clarrie MacKinnon - President           Email:

Roger Swarbrick - Vice President

Eileen MacKinnon - Secretary

Shirley Oldford - Treasurer

Douglas Brown - Director

Mary K MacKinnon - Director

Margie Beck - Director