Resident Quality of Life
Each resident's individual needs are met in a range of ways including:
  • family contact
  • trans-disciplinary support team
  • clinical services
  • individual support plans
  • recreation and leisure programs
  • primary counselors
  • work placements
The ARC building is divided into 3 Units, each with its own unique clientele.
Sheppard's Lane residents have enhanced potential for community inclusion and skill development. Sheppard's Lane has an environment that is safe and supportive and we strive for optimal quality of life,  freedom of choice, a balance of rights and responsibilities, harmony, understanding and equality. Residents  with chronic mental illness and behavioral concerns reside on Sheppard's Lane.
Stonebrook's focus is on aging in place. The residents on this unit are seniors and the support and care they receive are intended to maintain quality of life. Residents who live on Stonebrook have a variety of diagnoses and abilitiess. The unit is designed for residents who are completely dependent on staff  for their activities of daily living as well as residents who need assistance to maintain their activities of daily living. 
Willow Court provides a safe and supportive environment for the residents who need more structure. We provide a continuum of care and services as their needs change, including psychosocial rehabilitation, non-aversive behavioral change, self-empowerment and life skill development. Residents who reside on Willow Court need help with health and safety issues as well as appropriate decision-making and problem solving skills.